The ever increasing costs of weddings never ceases to amaze me . As much as I love the catering and hospitality industry I find it troubling that  some in our industry seem to put their prices up just because it’s a wedding.

Here’s my tip – Wherever possible don’t mention it’s a wedding when dealing with suppliers.

The vast majority are very honest of course but there are a few that aren’t. Your budget is important but some times I find it difficult to grasp why things cost so much for weddings.

Weddings are special, one of the most important days of our lives. But in my view every function is special. Every function and every celebration should be something to be remembered.

In my view the food is the most important part of any function. If it’s delicious it will always be remembered and if it’s not so great it will always be talked about.

We don’t make any extra effort for a wedding, we don’t make any better food and we don’t provide a better service. We just do what we normally do to the best of our ability and that applies exactly the same whether it’s a wedding or a 18th birthday celebration. If we are  producing the same food and the same type of service it strikes me that there should be no reason why it should cost any more for a wedding.

Our Service.

It is important however that you have exactly what you want so I want to honest from the outset and outline in detail the service we provide.

In any gathering there will be a variety of culinary and dietary requirements and preferences and this is best served by offering choice.We like to offer choice for all functions and that applies to our hot and cold food. If it’s a hot buffet we like to offer three or four dishes for your guests to choose from and three desserts.

If it’s cold buffet we offer buffets with a variety of items including vegetarian and gluten free items.This is always best served buffet style as it allows your guests to  try more than one dish or perhaps come back for more.

It  isn’t really suited to a formal service to table offering and if you want a traditional sit down meal where the food is served plated to table then we are not the caterer for you. We prefer informal buffet style functions which encourage greater guest interaction and your guests have the opportunity choose the dish they want.


As I mentioned earlier our costs for food are exactly the same  for all functions. These are dependent upon numbers, location, dishes chosen and additional equipment required. We’ll quote accurately with no hidden charges at the time of your enquiry and you’ll have no nasty surprises in the future.

Other Services.

There are caterers who get involved in all the other ancillary services like bars,marquees, chair covers, furniture, chocolate fountains etc.etc. That can be useful of course but we made a conscious decision not to do that. Although I can provide contacts for all these areas, we’re foodies and we want to concentrate on making the food. If you make food yourself you’ll know how time consuming it can be and we don’t have time for anything else.