Special Offers:

Everyone likes a special offer and I’m no different. But with food it’s difficult.

If you make your own food  it’s a lot harder as the ingredients still have to be bought and the labour is the same in preparing and making the food. Corners can be cut by buying a lesser quality ingredient or cut but in my view that is always reflected in the quality of the dish. Most businesses offer special offers when they need more customers and although that is true to a limited extent for us it isn’t the primary reason for our special offers.

I’ve been catering for close to 25 years and in that time most of the focus has been on private work like parties, weddings, anniversaries. As most of these functions are at weekends I have probably worked at least 45 weekends per year and in fact last year in 2018 we didn’t have one weekend off from April to October. Of course I am very grateful for the work we have been given and regular customers who keep using us but I have decided the time is right to take the odd weekend off and focus a little more on midweek coporate work.

This is not an area I have really focused on previously. Many businesses rely on sandwich deliveries and this was never really something that appealed to me. There is nothing wrong in Sandwiches of course but I never felt it was a service that challenged me even though there is huge market for it. In recent years I have been lucky enough to be used by a number of companies to provide hot and cold food for their customer and staff events. I work for some wonderful companies and this is an area I wish to expand and will hopefully allow me to take a few more weekends off.

So please see below our special offers for corporate events and business lunches below.

Corporate Special Offer Menu 2019

There are of course busy and quiet times so I’d like to offer the following special offer for all functions in April 2019.