If you’ve something to celebrate or it’s about time you had a party you’ll be thinking about how to cater for your guests. You’ll be inviting family and friends, people you haven’t seen for a while and it’s important to relax and spend time with them. The food is the most important aspect of any party, but also the most time consuming. If you’d rather leave it to someone else knowing the food will be good I’d like to outline some of the options available.

In any large gathering you’ll have a variety of tastes and culinary requirements. It is important that you have something for any vegetarians, ceoliacs etc. So it would beneficial to ask any of your guests if there are any dietary considerations. All our menus will provide food for all dietary considerations. When catering for larger numbers it is always safer to provide flavours and dishes that are universally popular so your guests know what they are getting.


Our homemade canapes can be served at a formal or informalĀ  party. We provide hot and cold canapes, but we will need heating facilities on site if hot canapes are required. We would also provide staff to serve the canapes to your guests. If canapes are all you are giving your guests we would suggest between 6 and 8 canapes per person depending on the length of service and timing of the party. If the canapes are served as a starter prior to a main meal, we would suggest two to four canapes per person.

Finger Buffets.

Finger buffets are suitable for a variety of functions, and especially where guests are standing. We like to offer things a little different to normal finger food and we often include a few canapes.
At these functions, guests will normally help themselves as they require. Hot items can be included in a finger buffet if required but again heating facilities on site will be needed. This food is ideal for functions where you may have guests arriving over a period of time as cold food can be left out for four hours under food safety legislation. All our finger food menu will generally include our homemade cakes and my signature cake…. the chocolate brownie!. Plates and serviettes are included.

Cold Buffets.

Like finger buffets, cold buffets are suitable for a variety of functions and when your guests are seated. Our menus all include a selection of meats and fish together with other items, salads and desserts etc. We cook all our own ham and sirloin of roast beef. Vegetarian options are provided on all our cold buffets and gluten free ingredients can be used on many items if required. We normally provide service to assist with buffet service, clearing away and washing up.

Hot Food.

We like to offer choice and for numbers above fifty we would offer three hot dishes plus a small vegetarian and three desserts. Normally, we would proportion equally each dish between your numbers with the vegetarian being for your vegetarian guests. Some people will choose the menu early in the planning process and then tell the guests the food options so they can choose what they want.

We find this works well and it guarantees they will get the dish they require. If you are within our service area we don’t always need cooking facilities, however we will need access to a standard electrical point in the service area. Hot food can be provided for guests standing or seated.


Unlike some caterers our cold food costs are more than our hot food costs. This is because we make all our own food and cold food takes longer to prepare than hot food.

For numbers below 75 a hot buffet with desserts will be more economical than a hog roast.