How it all began……..
We are  a family owned business, started by my mother Pam Clegg  in 1972

Pam has always been a “foodie”, with plenty of recipe books on the kitchen table and was forever cutting recipes out of the daily papers. (In fact she still does it today although retired from the catering business!)

She also liked entertaining at home and it was during one of these events, that she was asked by one of her  guests if she would be interested in catering for a meeting of medical professionals. She set
up the business and this was her first function, word spread particularly in the medical profession and in the locality. In the days well before the internet nearly all of our business came from word of mouth. Fortunately, we are able to establish
repeat business from very early on and the business has grown ever since, and we are still catering at some establishments that were at over thirty years ago.

My involvement started in my teens when I used to help in the kitchen and learn from her.Then I went into the hospitality industry and attended catering college. As the business grew mum needed more staff so I decided to join full time in my early twenties. I spent most time in the food preparation side of the business and let mum deal with the business side and all that goes with it.

Mum retired in 2009 to open a 5* star guest house located at our premises, for details see

She still has a passion for food, so I still run the odd idea past her from time to time.

How we Can Help

Our service is based on the aim of getting everything right for you. Unlike lots of caterers, we don’t have set menus, we don’t stipulate how many dishes you can have, how many puddings or vegetarian options you can have. We can make suggestions based on our experience and knowledge, but ultimately you can have what ever you want., and we’ll quote accordingly.

I’ll just guarantee that the food will be delicious and our service professional and efficient.

We are a busy company, but not a hectic kitchen. Most private functions are at weekends and we normally receive multiple enquiries for popular weekends. However, we never take on more than two functions per day and most of the time it is just one, so many popular dates get booked up a long time in advance. It’s not that we can’t take on more, it’s just that we want to ensure that everything that leaves our kitchen is as it should be.

You may have eaten at restaurants that have been extremely busy or at hotels where there are three or four functions on at similar times.You get a feeling that the kitchen must be snowed under and something usually happens, the food may be a bit late, it comes out lukewarm or not at it’s best. We don’t take any risks, we just ensure your food has our full attention, it’s the least you deserve.
We have catered for nearly every type function where the quality of food is important. Whether, a birthday party, wedding, christening or business lunch you are guaranteed traditional delicious homemade food that represents excellent value for money.

The areas we cover are: Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside,Parts of Lancashire,North Wales and Shropshire.

Our food is provided with or without service together with China and cutlery as required.






What We Do………..

Although, I am in charge now, not much has changed,  I still spend most of my time in the kitchen which is where I’m happiest.

Our principles haven’t changed at all. We make all our own food and everything is completely homemade and delicious.

As you will see from our website, we specialise in traditional flavoursome british dishes and dishes that have become popular in recent years like Chicken Tikka Massala. To me, there is nothing better than Beef Bourguignon with perfectly cooked tender beef or a traditional fish pie with the finest wild salmon, smoked haddock and cod loin.

I’m particularly fond of desserts, so it’s very hard to resist them when I’m making them all the time, but luckily I have three reasonably young children who keep me active with the odd game of tennis to help burn the calories.! Again we make traditional desserts that you’ll find are universally popular which include ; light cheesecakes, chocolate roulades, meringues and raspberry trifle etc. My particular favourite is something really simple. Tropical Fruit Salad. There is something about a refreshing, fresh fruit salad with a variety of tropical fruits. So many tastes and textures,(without the tinned sugar syrup of course.!)

Our Service

We believe in offering your guests choice with the opportunity  to try a few dishes if they wish. Therefore,there is always something for everyone.

This service is best suited to informal buffet style functions  which encourages your guests to mix and your guests will feel free to come for seconds if they wish.

What We Don’t Do.

I believe it is important to be honest and upfront about the services we offer. I have no wish to be all things to everyone. I like to specialise in the type of food and type of functions we enjoy. It will also save you time contacting us if I make clear some things we don’t do.

So, firstly we don’t do carveries, bbq’s, chips or any form of fast food. Secondly, although I like Fine Dining/Nouvelle Cuisine now and again, it is not something I offer within the business. I believe you should specialise in this area and we much prefer traditional homemade food.