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As you surf the internet looking for a outside caterer,  website theory says I have about forty seconds to “grab your attention” before you click on another website from the numerous other caterers you could use.

So, here goes my best efforts although I’m a chef and not a copywriter.!

Organising a function can be a daunting task. There is so much to do and think about. All functions are special and the food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any function, whether the food is good or not quite up to scratch it will always be remembered and talked about.

I appreciate that your major worry is to ensure all your guests are happy, well fed and leave having enjoyed your event. If it’s possible you may think about doing it yourself, but perhaps you don’t want the worry of buying and preparing the food, ensuring you have enough and that everyone is catered for .This time you just want to relax, enjoy the event and leave it to someone else.

You will be looking for an experienced, consistently good caterer, one that provides superb food, a professional and efficient service, and one who’s priority is to ensure your function goes well. Unless you’ve used a caterer before, eaten their food or had a recommendation it can be really difficult to choose a company from the internet as you are not quite sure what you are getting. It’s important to get it right first time, because unlike many things you can’t send it back if it’s not quite right.

So, How Can We Help.

Although, we can’t guarantee anyone else’s food, you’ll be reassured that we  have been in business just over forty three years. It is more than likely we have done a function similar to yours and we have a good idea what works and what doesn’t. We know what dishes and flavours work well together and we know what people eat.

Whether it is a slow roast lamb with plums, a simple coronation chicken sandwich or a key lime cheesecake it is important to me that it tastes delicious and is presented well. We don’t buy anything in and we don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients to reduce the cost. I’m a firm believer that you can only produce the best quality food by using the best quality ingredients.

I appreciate budgets are important but if you are looking for the cheapest caterer you can find then you are probably better clicking on another website. We focus on making delicious homemade food
to the best of our ability that represents excellent value for money.

To ensure your food gets our full attention we only take on one function at any one time.As we usually get multiple enquiries for weekends and popular dates it is advisable to book as early as possible. Whether you are considering us or someone else it ensures you get your caterer of choice.

I have tried to make our website as helpful and informative as possible because it is important that you have the right caterer for you. I hope you find the information useful and please feel free to contact me if we can be of any further help.

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Karen Clegg (Head Chef and Proprietor)
01606 872086

A Recent Cold Buffet – January  2018 

                 Special Offers
(For functions taking place in April and November 2018)

Hot Buffet Menu 1

Chicken and Broccoli Bake
 Moussaka With a Potato Topping
 Traditional Cottage Pie
 Beef and Pancetta Lasagne
 Vegetable Lasagne (V)
 Melanzane Alla Parmigiana (V)
 Mushroom, Pesto and Spinach Lasagne (V)
Individual Pavlovas with Fresh Fruit and Cream
 Profiteroles in a Chocolate Sauce
 Strawberry Cream Sponge.

Hot Buffet Menu 2

Beef Bourguignon
Chicken Tikka Massala
Salmon, Leek and Dill Lasagagne
Chicken Tagine
Traditional Fish Pie
Chickem Makhani
Mushroom, Tomato and Basil Lasagne (V)
Fennel,Leek and Celery Bake (V)
Vegetable Lasagne (V)

Squidgy Chocolate Roulade
Raspberry Sherry Trifle
Vanilla Cheesecake with Homemade Lemon Curd
Tropical Fruit Salad

Based on numbers of 40 and above please choose three dishes and three desserts

Menu 1 – £10.50 Head
Menu 2 – £12.50 per Head.

Hog Spit Roast  – based on a maximum of 70 people
Three salads plus a vegetarian option
Standard Accompaniments  (weekdays only)

Total Cost £550

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